Friday, August 30, 2013

Back Again...

As is said Thursday I am thinking of this as therapy so I am back again to just say hello... It is Saturday and not much going on at this hour of the morning on a Saturday. I am sitting here at work and wondering what the day will bring. LOTS of customers I hope as I hate to not be busy at work. The weather the last couple of days has be terrific and I am rather enjoying the warmer weather and I hope to get some of the outside work done this weekend, I have even worn sandals the last couple of days but have learned that no matter how much it feels good to wear the new pair that you just bought, NEVER wear them to walk to and from work with out bringing and comfy pair just in case, I had forgotten how are waling on the road with sandals can be.
As I looked around this morning for the undone jobs I was happy to notice that all of the new stock has been put out and list on the web site so now it is just cleaning and the like.
I should go or wont get anything done today.
See every one soon

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